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Empty spray bottles, squeeze bottles and ink bottles, perfect for green soap or other cleaning products, and 1, 2 and 4 ounce ink bottles.

Clearance Tattoo Supplies

To keep your supplies clean and sanitary, we have rolls and sheets of clip cord covers as well as tattoo machine covers. 

Disposable tubes, tips and grips for tattooing. Sterile and indicidually blister packaged.

Re-Sterilize as needed!

All the medical supplies you'll need for your shop! Razors, gloves, ink caps along with stainless steel trays!

On the go? We have small and large aluminum cases for traveling purposes. Along with tube cleaning brushes and tattoo machine holders.

Three different piercing kits each set with all of the essentials you'll need to get going whether your career be old or new!

Biopsy punches, 14, 16, and 18 gauge needles, piercing aftercare and tools for the piercer, ring openers and forceps.

A wide variety of Power Supplies, Clips Cords and Footswitches all at amazing prices!

All types of high quality stainless steel tattoo tubes, grips, round, flat, and diamond tips.

For all you'll need to set up your studio, furniture to flash racks it's all right here.

Stock up on these awesome aftercare products that you won't be dissatisfied with, the best results for any tattoo!

The Complete Art of Tattooing book and all ten Flash books full of all the designs you can think of.

Red, black and purple tattoo pens, and red, black and purple pen refills. Refills are not included with pen.

Kuro Sumi Inks, Sets and Black Inks

A range of different tattoo kits from beginners to professionals. Each equipped with everything you'll need to kick start your tattoo career!

New York Tattoo Supply carriers Tattoo Machines from Mickey Bee Machines and New York Tattoo Machines.

All Tattoo Needles are premade and steralized. Box of 50 per type. Any box, any size, just $9.00!

Practice all your tattoos on either a 6x6 or 11x14 piece of practice skin.

Stencil machines, LED light boxes, and stencil ointments for easy transfer of stencils.